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Destiny 2 Forsaken - bows and arrows are always fun

Destiny 2 Forsaken – will Gambit be the next big thing?

The morning Inbox is dubious that PEGI warnings will stop loot boxes, as one reader is worried that Resident Evil 2 remake may be too scary.

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Successful gambit

I know Destiny 2 has plenty of detractors but I was playing the free Gambit trail at the weekend, for Forsaken, and I have to say I really loved it. On paper Forsaken doesnt look like much but as Epic Games can tell you one good game mode can change everything.

Im not suggesting Gambit is going to be the new Battle Royale but from my first experience it could certainly become a regular like Deathmatch and Conquest. Its basically a mix of PvP and PvE, where youre competing to defeat regular Destiny 2 bad guys and then bank the tokens that they drop. Do well enough and you get into some boss battle style fights.

The mix works really good and what I liked as an averagely skilled player is that you could still help and do a lot of useful work, even if it was just picking up the tokens people forget. I havent played Destiny 2 for months but coming back for this has made me actually interested in it again. Ill still wait for reviews but I think I could see myself paying for this one.

Took a chance

Thank you GC, you inspired me to try something different.

Following the 10/10 you gave Divinity: Original Sin II I thought Id have a look at the game. Following watching some good videos on YouTube, and some advice from a friend, I made the purchase earlier today.

What I particularly liked in the game was the narrator. He seemed to introduce the story in a really appealing way. It also helped that the graphics are stunning. Ive only played for a couple of hours so far, which I know is only a small part of the game, but Im really liking it so far.

Im hoping to enjoy the story, including some co-op, in the coming days. Many thanks for the excellent review.
Manic Miner 100 (gamertag)

GC: Thats great, we love getting this kind of letter.

Alone in the dark

Great article and interview with the Resident Evil 2 remake team, GC. The game looks absolutely fantastic so Im tempted to give it a try when its out next year (I was a bit too young/scared to play it fully when it first came out) but Ive got a couple of reservations.

The first is that Ive never played Resident Evil 1. As youre playing with new characters from the first game, is playing the first game and getting a full understanding of the backstory necessary to get the most out of the Resident Evil 2 remake? And is there a remake of Resident Evil 1 on the PlayStation 4?

The next reservation is that Im just not sure itll be for me. I dont play horror games as they can be a bit too nerve-wracking to enjoy at times but, on the flip-side, I absolutely loved Resident Evil 4 when that came out and am a huge fan of The Last Of Us. Does Resident Evil 2 play much like these games, or have a similar style, and therefore likely be my cup of tea?

GC: The Resident Evil 1 remake is on PlayStation 4 (and currently just £5.79), although it recreates the fixed camera angles of the earlier games rather than using the Resident Evil 2 remakes Resident Evil 4 style camera system. For all its qualities though Resident Evil 4 is one of the least scary entries in the series, so… maybe play with the lights on?



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Good match

I have been playing PES 2019 quite a lot since its release last Thursday and I am really enjoying it. The gameplay is more challenging this year, especially on the higher levels and there has been a big improvement in the visuals. Losing the Champions League licence to EA Sports and FIFA was a bit of a downer but they seem to have spent that money on licensing more teams and leagues, which is a good thing.

I would like to give thanks to the guys who work on the various option files for the game, some who spend weeks creating the kits and logos for the teams which look every bit as good as those in the game and do it for free. They have even added the Champions League which was lost to EA. for fans of the game it really improves the game having the option files as you want to play as your favourite team with all the proper kits. Even my team Manchester United has the third away kit in the option file and that was only released last week.

Konami really try to improve the game each year and you can always tell the difference in each game but from what I have been hearing from some hardcore FIFA fans on YouTube who have been playing the FIFA 19 beta they are scathing about the new FIFA game, saying that there have been no real improvements to the game for the last three years and seem to spend all their time and money on the presentation and not the gameplay. No doubt it will still sell millions of copies and the Champions League will look very flashy.
David Clixby

Late warning

I see the European ratings body PEGI is issuing black and white warning stickers on every video game box to warn parents of in-game purchases from this Christmas. I suppose its a step in the right direction, a little bit too late for my liking.

However, do we really think this is going to make any difference stopping little Johnny rack up his mum and dads credit card bill through the roof?! I think not personally, but I hope it does?

Weirdly appealing

Another great interview on Friday, GC. I actually really like Remedys earlier stuff, especially Alan Wake, but Im still glad theyre trying something new, because after the failure of Quantum Break I really feared for the company and there were definite hints that they were on rocky ground.

Too often we see companies just go under or, even worse in a way, refuse to lean from their mistakes and just end up making the same ones even after they could have saved themselves. I dont know whether Control will be massively successful or not but it looks right up my street and I cant wait to see more of it next year.

I also hadnt heard of new weird or Annihilation before talk of the game started, so I will be checking both of those out in order to get myself ready. That alone already encourages me that the game is trying to do something new and interesting.

Art exhibit

Victoria and Albert Museum in London exhibition Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt opens 8 September until February 2019. Tickets are £18 and this exhibition provides a unique insight into the design process behind a selection of ground-breaking contemporary video games. Design work, including concept art and prototypes, feature alongside large-scale immersive installations and interactives.

GC: We assume thats copied and pasted from their website, but it does look interesting and well try and report back from it if we get a chance to go.



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Online check

Im just replying regarding the PC for the readers son.

I wouldnt recommend Zoomstorm, I known others have said this but their cheap for a reason.

Another point is if you can afford it go for a 6GB graphics card, this future proofs the system and anything lower the system will struggle.

AMD are cheaper than Intel, however you do need a good fan system as they run hot. Secondly, I found when building a PC it was best to search for the part you need and then build it separately, for example:

AMD FX8350
1060 GTX Card
16GB memory

This is what I am running and plays pretty much anything, it cost around £700. I known this might be little higher then you budget but always do your research. A great site is called Game Debate, you put in the game and select your specs – CPU, graphics, etc. – and it tells you if that system will run the game and how well. This way you can find a PC that matches what your son wants to play.

Hope this helps.
PS: You dont need spend £2,000 on a half decent gaming PC unless you want 4K graphics.

Inbox also-rans

When will we be graced by your review for Dragon Quest XI?

GC: Hopefully this week, that was the biggest victim of us being away at Gamescom.

Not to brag but I completed Bloodborne today (Friday). Gehrman was pretty easy.
PS: I gave up on Kos. Maybe next time.

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Agro, who asks what would be your dream comic book video game?

Spider-Man is out on PlayStation 4 this week but comic book tie-ins are surprisingly rare nowadays, despite their popularity at cinemas and their general suitability for games. So if budgets and licenses werent an issue what game would you make based on what hero and storyline?

It doesnt necessarily have to be superhero-related, as long as the property is primarily known as a comic book, but what sort of game do you imagine it would be and how would the gameplay work in terms of powers and abilities?

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