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Call Of Duty: Black Ops - no remaster necessary

Call Of Duty: Black Ops – one of the best?

The morning Inbox worries whether Sekiro will have microtransactions, as one reader names Spider-Man the start of the Christmas games rush.

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Optimum sequel

Seeing people talking about the big Christmas releases and the usual Call Of Duty vs. Battlefield dust up made me think, what is the best Call Of Duty? Or at least what do most people think is the best one? For me the obvious contenders are Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2, but Im curious to know what other people think.

For me its a similar issue with fighting games and other multiplayer games with huge amounts of sequels and updates: youre probably looking at the second or third sequels after theyve refined the original but not before theyre realised theres nothing else obvious to add and just started to fill it with bloat.

That said I would say that WWII was definitely the best of the last few years and I am relatively confident that Black Ops 4 could become a sort of greatest hits of the series. Which if the Battle Royale mode works out would be pretty tempting.

Ive never been big on Battlefield though, so Im not sure whats meant to be the best of that. Battlefield 3, maybe? Thats the one my mate seems to go on about the most.

The long wait

Im not really sure what anybody could have been expecting from the Cyberpunk 2077 footage than what we got. I mean, it looked almost completely real. Short of people popping out of your TV Im not sure how much better it couldve been? Especially as we already know the specs for the PC its running on arent particularly outrageous.

Im still not sure I believe itll ever come out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but I look forward to it being the first major benchmark for the next gen. As many have already said, its the level of detail thats the most impressive thing and how many options you seem to have for interacting with characters. Thats obviously something thats carried over from The Witcher 3 so you can definitely see the pedigree.

The problem now is how long weve go to wait to see it again, let alone actually play it. But its obviously going to be worth it.

Shadow of a chance

Wow, did not see an Onimusha remaster coming but glad to see it even if I think it was probably the least of the Resident Evil clones that Capcom was knocking out at the time. Would much rather have Dino Crisis comeback, but my absolute favourite was Shadow Of Rome. I know it was a flop but I really liked the idea of controlling two characters – one good at fighting and one not.

I doubt we will ever see it again, but its interesting to think that at that time games were cheap enough to make that they could quickly take an engine for something like Resident Evil and turn it into something completely different. You couldnt do that nowadays and while indie developers have plenty more flexibility its a shame that the big budget, more experienced, developers are cut of limited.

BTW, did you know there was a sequel to Shadow Of Rome that was planned at one point and then turned into Dead Rising? No, I cant see how that wouldve worked either.



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Surprise release

Hey, wow! Into The Breach has just been surprise released on the Switch. I didnt think they were going to do a console version but it looks like the Switchs indie-friendliness has convinced them otherwise. I loved FTL on iPad and if this is just as good then I may never be bored on the train into work again!

I do wonder what the point of just releasing it without warning was though. Especially for something that was so critically well received. There are currently no reviews of the Switch version up anywhere, which I assume means nobody told you press guys abut it either. Im not buying it just based on the PC version so I dont see who this benefits?

If the game was bad I could see they just wanted to con people before the reviews came in, but surely thats not whats going on here? Sometimes I really dont understand how publishers think. And by sometimes I mean almost all the time.

GC: We didnt know anything about it till the announcement. Weve already fast-tracked a review for this week though, as the PC original is one of our favourites.

Still waiting

Were just a couple of days away from September now and we still havent heard anything about the start date of Nintendo Online! I know Nintendo like to do things their own way but are we just going to turn on our Switches one day and suddenly find that online no longer works until we pay for it? Unless theyre secretly delaying it or something I dont see how thats not going to be the case for most people.

Surely the best bet was to slip it into the recent Smash Bros. Direct, which everyone seemed to really like and couldve been the best way to convey some bad news.

Im not much interested in Smash but I do love me some Splatoon 2 and I really dont know whether Im going to want to sign up to yet another subscription service just to keep playing it. The way everythings all being rolled out in secret only makes me worry more that this is a terrible idea that theyre going to be forced to walk back on very soon.

Season premiere

Really starting to look forward to Spider-Man now, as all the comments about it seem to be super positive and Sony has been on such a roll lately I cant believe theyd put out a dud now if they didnt have to. I also see it as the official end of the summer games drought. I know weve had Strange Brigade, but after that turned out to be a bit of a dud I think September 7 is going to be the official start of the Christmas games rush for me.

I shouldve written in to that Hot Topic about what games youre going to get for the rest of the year but to be honest Im still not sure. I dont want to get too many, because I hate having a backlog, and plus theres the problem of the spring being so strong.

At the moment I think Spidey and Red Dead Redemption II are the only definites, in that I wont need to see any reviews to get them. I might also consider one of the shooters (Call Of Duty or Battlefield) or Fallout 76 if the reviews are really strong, but to be honest Im a bit dubious and I think I can live without them.

Whos on First?

So theres a new villain in SoulCalibur VI: Azwel.

Yeah, but whos the new character?

The new characters Azwel.

As well as who?


But you still havent said anybody. Who is it?!

Thats just it. The new character, Azwel.

Just tell me!



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Publishing deal

Nice preview and interview of Sekiro earlier GC. It was interesting to read that only one person who played it completed the level, good to know From have not nerfed the difficulty for this game.

You didnt mention it in the article, but did you get any hint that there will be any form of in game purchases?
Some corners of the Internet are presuming that because Activision are publishing Sekrio, it will be full of microtransactions. I have faith that From will have the final say on this and there wont be.

It doesnt help matters that as this article points out, the PlayStation store page for the game mentions in-game purchases optional. Like the article says, it could be nothing. And Im not sure I understand people cancelling their pre-order of the game because of this.

Anyway the game looks fantastic, and is definitely a day one purchase for me. Along with Cyberpunk 2077, it is a game I am most pumped for.
Johnny Shoulder

GC: Activision are just the publishers, they didnt seem to have any more input into the game than Bandai Namco did for Dark Souls or Sony for Bloodborne. That doesnt mean Sekiro wont have microtransactions (although we doubt it) but if they did it would almost certainly be Froms choice, not Activisions.

Inbox also-rans

Playing NieR: Automata on the Xbox after they knocked a tenner off. Wow, its really good. Usually a game with multiple endings is a turn-off, but it seems theyve thought of this. Good quality game which will keep me going until Red Dead Redemption II.
TheRatman5469 (gamertag)

Im looking forward to your Spider-Man review, do you know when your review will be out?
Nurgle dave

GC: The embargo is next Tuesday.

This weeks Hot Topic

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It doesnt matter how old the game is or whether its exactly the same version every time (it can be the same game but on different formats) but which game have you beaten again and again (including New Game+) and still enjoyed? What makes it so replayable and are you still finding new things each time you play it?

Do you often replay games or is this one an anomaly amongst your collection? Do you consider replayability to be an important part of the gaming experience or do you generally only play them once to completion?

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