RE: Owning multiple devices. This gen is the first Ive been in the financial position to have multiple machines. I have a PS4 Pro, PlayStation 3, PlayStation VR, Xbox One S, and a gaming PC.

I love it. Of course, theres not enough time in multiple lifetimes to play everything available on them or probably the now around 400 games I have across them. One device will more than fill your available gaming time, but I love having access to the choice of most games on the market. I intend to get a Switch once we know what the new models are about.

Of those games only one is a physical copy so Im happy to embrace digital and, when its more bedded in, streaming. I dont really view streaming as a superior way of playing games like some do though.

Its definitely got its pros and potentials with all that server power on tap, so Im excited to see it. But Im not in a big rush to replace multiple consoles with multiple subscriptions.

On a side, slightly petty, note in regard to the original letter. Youre reading letters sent in from gamers on a gaming page. The norm from Read More – Source


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