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Battlefield V - inauthentic but fun

Battlefield V – does it have a hype problem?

The morning Inbox worries over Nintendos 2019 games line-up, as one reader wishes Microsoft made a console hybrid like the Switch.

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Im not surprised at all that Battlefield V pre-orders are down on what they expect. That marketing has been practically non-existent so far and that annoucement trailer was terrible (and no, not because there were women in it). I wonder if the problems with Star Wars: Battlefront II put them on the back foot but whatevers going on I dont think Ive ever been less interested in a DICE game.

I think last years Call Of Duty being WWII definitely is a factor, because it just makes DICE look like theyre playing catch-up, but even without that I think the setting would look tired. The cartoony characters and realistic graphics just dont match and Im personally sick of old-fashioned weapons in Battlefield. I want to go back to the modern day, it seems so long now.

Perhaps the game will be good, I will wait and see, but adding in Battle Royale only adds to the sense of being a follower and not a leader. With Black Ops 4 theyve embraced it and the whole idea is new for Call Of Duty. With Battlefield V its this weird thing tagged on the end that isnt even available at launch. Again, maybe itll be good but they need to sell it better.

Although at the end of the day I think its just the release date thats going to kill it, theres no way anyones going to buy three brand new games one week after the other and I imagine for most people Battlefield V will be the first game to be scrubbed form the list.

Partial disagreement

As another recently wrote, I too purchased We Happy Few when in early access and probably only played around two hours before giving up on it. I absolutely loved the style, the tone and atmosphere, and the possibility of what the story could be although I did not like what I had at the time. I occasionally came back to see if it had improved, but finally decided to stop until the full release.

I have now put in about 20 hours and have barely started as I am still Arthur. The overall atmosphere, and more importantly the story, are superb and I love just wandering around collecting, crafting, and finding new tasks and seeing what the world has to offer.

I am not in total disagreement with the reviews or others opinions, however, I do think that it has been treated a bit harshly and do urge people to give it a go.

I should state though that I do love wandering around in games and soaking things up. For example, I have spent over 200 hours in Fallout 4 and still havent finished either it or the expansions as I dont want it to end.

Maybe its just me.

Missing the boat

Need For Speed Underground is a great series produced by Electronic Arts, however, considering there are quite a good amount of games in this series I am curious if EA will consider doing a collection which would contain the three Need For Speed Underground titles.

These three games could be given a full 1080P 60fps upgrade and could be brought to the Xbox One and PS4 platforms respectively and would be a small stepping stone in convincing EA to do a fourth Underground title for Need For Speed.

As of yet, EA hasnt officially announced a fourth Need For Speed Underground title but they could do a collection of previous Underground games ported which would allow fans to decide if they would want another Underground game and the chance to replay some classics they missed with updated textures and better visuals they could relive these classics.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: We were always surprised EA chose to remake other Need For Speed entries and not any of the Underground games. But with the series seemingly dead now, theyve probably missed their chance.



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Interest optional

RE: Angry_Kurt. A few years ago I was working in a film post production house that focused on visual effects and animation. I overheard someone saying that shed been thinking about looking for a new job and had seen a position at some video game place called Rare and was asking if anyone knew anything about them.

It seemed like a lot of the animation software they used was the same, or similar enough that she would be been qualified to go for it, so I guess its not necessary to love games to work in the industry. It depends what role youre doing.

Youd imagine it would help for level designers though…
Sparky the Yak

There and back again

I cant believe it was only a few months ago, in a space of a few weeks in my home town Grimsby we had both GAME and Grainger Games close down in our shopping centre. Now GAME are just about to reopen again where Grainger once was.

They were both more or less opposite each other. it was GAME that closed down first, then Grainger. I think if GAME would of known that Grainger was going into liquidation they wouldnt of closed down the GAME store in the first place? It still wont make any difference to me, I still wont be going in there to purchase anything!

Xbox Switch

Due to lifes happy twists and turns I am currently living with my sister. I was deprived of my gaming for many months, but now Im hitched to the backlog clearing wagon.

Her house, her rules. I could fry myself in my gets the sun all day bedroom with my 32inch TV, but I have now been allowed to set up my Xbox in the main living room where an enormous zillion-inch (rough estimate) TV lives with soundbar. It is nice to play using it but Im only allowed to play when shes not there, which is every other day. The little dog is also a factor, you try concentrating when hes barking in your face and biting toes because he wants to play.

I got so frustrated the other non-gaming day, and just wanted to grab the Xbox and take it upstairs, but couldnt be bothered with extracting it. As I sat fuming, wishing for an easily transported machine, I realised the solution already existed and was called a Nintendo Switch.

Now, I try not to be a hater, live and let live, but I dont like Nintendo games in general. I find them childish and the same games over and over. So no Switch for me. Just my feelings, happy other people love Nintendo.

I wonder what the chances are that Microsoft and Sony have been thinking along the more portable route for next gen. A pick up and go Xbox, yummy.
Spooky Dreamer (SpookyDreamBoo – gamertag)

Boxed set

I noticed they have announced all the dates for when The Walking Dead: The Final Season episodes will be out, I will probably wait until all the episodes are out (December 18th 2018) before I play it, as with Season 3 I lost the thread of the story and choices I made playing them months apart. Heres the story on Eurogamer.
Andrew J.
PS: Orwell is free on Humble Bundle for the next 48 hours from time of writing (Thursday evening), you get a Steam code, here is the link.



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No clue

The more I think about it, the more worried I am about the future of the Switch. Mainly because Nintendo dont seem able to create the games as quickly as theyre needed – Im not saying they should rush of course, but maybe they need to expand.

Of the current Nintendo Switch games, so many are Wii U ports:

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – clearly started life as a Wii U game
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – port
Splatoon 2 – could have been called Splatoon Deluxe; there wasnt much new content to justify a numbered sequel
Pokken Tournament DX – port
Bayonetta 2 – port
Hyrule Warriors – port
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – port
Captain Toad – port

Original, made for Switch games I can think of are:

Kirby Star Allies
Mario Tennis Aces
Nintendo Labo
Super Mario Odyssey

Coming up we have Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but then what? Yoshi, Metroid Prime 4…

Im not slating them for the Wii U ports; its actually a great way to tide over gamers and many of them are fantastic. Theres probably a handful left that have port potential, but then what?

Clearly, Nintendo are aware of this and their decision to loan out characters to other developers (Mario + Rabbids) is one solution to this. Perhaps this is something theyll need to ramp up.

GC: The truth is no one but Nintendo has any idea what theyre planning for next year. Not even Yoshi or Metroid Prime 4 are guaranteed for 2019. Youre being very unfair on Splatoon 2 though.

Inbox also-rans

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the latest rumours I read say that New Super Mario Bros. U is likely to be ported to the Switch next, not Super Mario 3D World. I think most people were hoping Nintendo would just quietly sweep the New Super Mario Bros. series under the carpet, but it seems not…

I didnt realise how close we are to Spider-Man being out now. Looks like the summer games drought is going to end in style!

This weeks Hot Topic

The subject for this weekends Inbox was suggested by reader Franky, who asks whats the one game annoucement you never expect to hear?

With Gamescom coming up next week whats the one thing youre confident wont be revealed? Whether its a sequel, reboot, or some kind of hardware annoucement what do you think is the least likely, without being completely silly.

What annoucement have you given up any hope of hearing about and why do you think itll never happen? Whats the most surprised youve ever been by an annoucement and how did the final product turn out?

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