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Everyone loves Vikings

Are there too many Viking games?

The evening Inbox celebrates the unexpected success of Persona 5, as one reader suggests GTA: San Andreas as Rockstars best game.

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Norse again

Ive got to say I hope its not Vikings next for Assassins Creed. Everything seems to be Vikings and Norse gods lately in games and especially after God Of War I think Ive had enough of it. I think Ancient Rome is probably more likely anyway, but that doesnt fill me with particular excitement either. Although I suppose its worth getting out the way.

Id much rather see the series explore countries and times that are never usually in games. India, China, and Russia are some of the biggest countries on the planet, not to mention all of Africa thats not Egypt, and yet games are never set there. I know its Ubisoft, who never like to court controversy but how about just a normal adventure story set in one of these places that is just about their culture and mythology?

I always feel Assassins Creed never lives up to its potential, in terms of story or gameplay and if its just set in somewhere safe again I dont see that changing.
Adam Bump

The Legend of VR

Wow, I did not see Zelda: Breath Of The Wild getting a VR mode, and the whole game too! Considering how good games like Astro Bot and Moss are in third person I am seriously tempted to pick up one of the Labo kits. Especially as I didnt realise the basic one was just £40, which is really pretty good for what theyre offering.

Obviously the Switch isnt as powerful as the PlayStation 4 or a PC but Im hopefully we should still get some pretty good performance out of it. It wouldnt be like Nintendo to have something that was so below par itd make the game look bad.

Super Mario Odyssey is also intriguing, since it seems theyve made specific mini-games for it. They always say you cant predict Nintendo and thats definitely true this time. Thank goodness!

Acceptance speech

Ive got nothing against the thing but how an Earth does Nintendo Labo win a video game award despite not being a video game? I find it really hard to respect BAFTA as they always seem desperate to give out awards to whatever seems the least like an actual video game. This year was better than most I guess as God Of War was definitely the best game of last year, although I cant say I particularly remember the sound or music being especially memorable.

Never played Return Of The Obra Dinn but it was great to see Yokus Island Express win something, thats such a great little game. A Way Out was trash though, dont see how that won anything. So yeah, not bad but it seems a bit redundant doing it this late in the year and with surprisingly few actual categories. I mean, they have three separate ones for music but not a single one thats specifically for gameplay. I get the feeling that whoevers in charge of BAFTA doesnt really get games and it all seems a bit half-hearted.



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Success at last

For any Persona fans in the audience, and I know there are a few because the Inbox always seems very cultured in its tastes, Atlus has said that Persona 5 has sold 2.4 million copies, which is the best the series has ever done. Theyve also been talking about bringing Persona 3 and 4 to modern consoles, I would imagine including Switch and PlayStation 4.

As a great fan of the series its fantastic to see it becoming a worldwide hit, which to be honest is not something I ever expected to see. Hopefully thatll mean the next one will have an even bigger budget and that The Royal update will be quite substantial. Arriving on Switch/being in Smash is bound to help too. So strange that such a long-running series should finally find success all these years later!

Traditional complaint

I really, really miss the traditional Zelda games. Breath Of The Wild was all very impressive but, for me, not a patch on the traditional dungeon design. I think the Ocarina Of Time format is just so much better and I dont care much about the open world thing.

I would honestly prefer Ocarina Of Time, Skyward Sword, or Twilight Princess and very much hope we havent seen the last of this format.

I considered myself a big Zelda fan prior to Breath Of The Wild. But now, Im not sure any more if this is the future…

GC: You make it sound like there hasnt been a new one for decades. The Links Awakening remake is this year.

Gangster fantasy

My favourite Rockstar game is still GTA: San Andreas. They were obviously already in love with themselves then but I feel that struck the best balance between being an actual video game, that would just make things up for the sake of gameplay, and the weird sort of gangster fantasy simulator its turned into now.

I would agree that Red Dead Redemption I was probably their last great game and theyve been getting worse ever since. Never bad or anything, Im not suggesting that, but more and more pretentious and long-winded.

Of course theyre not going to care what I think, or anyone else for that matter, but I have to imagine theyre quietly seething after all those BAFTA snubs and basically not winning much at any of the major awards.

Suspect identified

A massive thank you to Just1moretry and Major Kahonas for their responses to my letter.

The Tower Defense game I was trying to remember was indeed Sanctum. My memory of it after all this time is a little sketchy, so apologies for not getting the description exactly right. The reason you dont recall reviewing it, GC, is because you didnt. It was mentioned in a Readers Feature by houshin99.

The shoot em-up, however, remains a mystery.

Thanks again.



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