In response to Eckards letter titled Ones Enough, I have the following consoles: Game Boy, Master System Plus, Mega Drive, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox 360 original, Xbox 360 Slim, Xbox One, Super Nintendo, and GameCube.

I have hundreds of games which I have collected over the many years and most of these are PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360. One thing that is still way far off is 100% game streaming, as physical media still holds advantages that digital and streaming media does not. While streaming will, in the very far future, be a 100% feature in gaming there is still a few optional features streaming needs, like being able to temporarily download the full game so that if your Internet does go down it can switch to the hard drive version on your console and continue where you left off on single-player games.

Google Stadia will show us what advantages and disadvantages game streaming will give us but until more games are released aRead More – Source


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