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Epic Games has added another new item to Fortnite this week in the form of the Shockwave Grenade.

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This weeks update was only a small patch compared with other weeks and it didnt require any downtime for the game.

Fortnite players will also be able to play the new 50vs50 Solid Gold limited-time mode, which combines two of the most popular game modes.

It will fans a chance to play the 50vs50 mode but with only legendary weapons and items available to use.

The Sockwave Grenade is a throwable item that knocks players back as well as destroying the objects in their path.

It can affect any players as well as vehicles but it doesnt cause any fall damage, which could make it a good tactical option for a quick escape.

They drop in stacks of 2 and players can stack a total of six in one of their inventory slots.



It has an epic rarity and players can find the item in supply drops, chests, llamas and vending machines.

What is the cube in Fortnite?

A mysterious cube was added to the Fortnite map over the weekend and it has left many players confused as to what is coming next.

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Its purpose isnt yet known but it has started moving every 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Players that shoot it can cause the cube to deal damage to nearby players with electrical shocks and any players who touch it or hit it with their pickaxe can be propelled away.

It is also beneficial for players to stand near it as it can regenerate your shield and it can also be used to jump on and get extra height.

The outcome of what the cube is for will likely not be revealed until the end of season 5 or the start of season 6, which is now less than 30 days away.

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