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Fortnite season 7 has now arrived and it includes plenty of new updates to the game.

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Some of the new items include ziplines and planes, plus there is a whole new biome that has been added to the map.

As expected it is focussing on a winter-theme that has seen parts of the map become covered in snow and with various icy characters featuring in the new Battle Pass.

Here is everything that we know about the season 7 update.

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Whats new in Fortnite season 7?


The zipline is a big addition to the game and it is an item that has been teased for a number of months.

They are found around the iceberg and near expedition outposts and players can use them to travel from one end to the other.



While using a zipline you are able to use items and fire weapons.

Fortnite players can now also take to the sky with the X-4 Stormwing Plane which can seat a total of four peoples – four passengers and one pilot.

It includes a machine gun that can overheat in a similar way to the mounted turret.

The plane can do sharp turns, fly upside down and do barrel rolls and when players leave the plane while its in the air they can skydive back down to the ground.

(Epic Games)

Map locations

Theres is a new iceberg biome

Epic Games has added a new airport location called Frosty Flights which can be found

Polar Peak and Happy Hamlet are the other new additions to the map.

Epic Games has also added new unnamed locations to the map as well as expedition outposts within the iceberg biome.

(Epic Games)

Other changes

Epic Games has also decided to add various items to the vault which means they will no longer be available to use in the game – shadow stones, port-a-fort, chiller, clinger, double barrel shotgun and shockwave grenade.

Balloons have also been changed so that players can use weapons while they are using the balloons, and you can instead press jump while you are in the air to release a balloon.

Wraps have also been added in the new update which players can unlock as part of the season 7 Battle Pass.

They can be used to customize your vehicles and various weapons.



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