Fortnite NOMS Letters, Fireworks, Outposts Season 7 Week 4 Challenges Map locations guide (Pic: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite Season 7 is now over four weeks in. It won't be long before we're staring down the barrel of another event and the Fortnite Season 8 Release Date.

However, with all the festive goings on this past week, you might not have been been able to catch up with the latest weeks challenges.

As such, it seems as good a point as ever to quickly rattle through a quick catch up guide for some of those more difficult challenges from the past week.

As always, there are seven challenges to complete, with three available to take on for free, whilst the other four challenges are only available to those who have purchased the Season 7 Battle Pass.

Obviously, most weeks will contain your weekly staples of finding chests, eliminating opponents and so for. Most of these you should be able to complete without any help whatsoever so we've not listed them below.

But remarkably the Week 4 challenges contained a series of unique tasks which might require a little more explanation or help for those who don't know the map all too well.

So keep reading for a quick refresher on all the more tricky challenges from Week 4.

Search the Letter O, S, M & N locations

The Noms sign from the Retail Row restaurant mysterious vanished at the start of Season 7. Thankfully it returned with this Week 4 Challenge.

The official challenges list these letters in the following places:

  • The letter 'O' will be west of Pleasant Park
  • The letter 'S' is in Wailing Woods
  • The letter 'M' can be found in Dusty Divot
  • The letter 'N' is under a frozen lake.

You can check out the image below for details on where you'll find these signs, but keep reading for more detailed explanations.

NOMS Letters can be found at these locations (Pic: Daily Express)

Search the Letter O, S, M & N locations continued

O – You'll find the 'O' west of Plesant Park, more towards the big spooky mansion. You'll find the 'O' outside the mansion, next to a big garbage bin and a can that's on fire.

S – You'll find the letter S in one of the underground labs in wailing woods. For extra help, check out the video below from Gattu, as it can get a little bit tricky finding this particular letter.

M – You'll find this, literally in the Dusty Divot complex. There are lots of rooms, but its the south-east side of the complex, so it's not all that difficult to find!

N – The frozen lake refers to where Greasy Grove used to be on the map before the big freeze at the start of Season 7.

Eliminate opponents at all Expedition Outposts

In total there are seven of these expedition outposts dotted around the map since the start of Season 7. You'll find them

  • North West of Tomato Temple.
  • North East of Pleasant Park on top of a hill.
  • North of the Football Field.
  • West of Dusty Divot on top of a hill.
  • West of Lonely Lodge, again, on top of a mini hill.
  • West of Paradise Palms, near the edge of the desert.
  • South East of Polar Peak.

If you want a more visual aid to help you locate all seven of these, check out the video below from YouTuber Gattu.


The Fireworks are a new type of item introduced to the Season 7 Battle Royale map as of today.

And you've got to find three of them to launch in order to complete one of the free Battle Pass Challenges.

Forbes writer, Dave Thier, has managed to locate three of these Fireworks, but you'll probably find more if you search hard enough.

You'll find these three fireworks to launch in the following locations:

Firework 1 – "By the houses north of The Block, formerly Risky Reels"

Firework 2 – "By some Rocks slightly northeast of Wailing Woods, close the sort of modified house/dog structure."

Firework 3 – "At the way Southern edge of the map in the Desert Biome. The river falls off the map in a waterfall: follow the river up one ledge, and the firework is by a little shack."

You can also use the map below to help you locate them. And given you only need to find three, this should be a quick and painless challenge to complete with minimal fuss.

Find three of the Fortnite Fireworks at these locations (Pic: Forbes)


• Week 4 Destroy Challenge:

  • Stage 1: Destroy Chairs (1)
  • Stage 2: Destroy Wooden Utility Poles (1)
  • Final Stage: Destroy Wooden Palettes (1)

• Week 4 Search Challenge:

  • Stage 1: Search the letter “O” west of Pleasant Park (1)
  • Stage 2: Search the letter “S” in Wailing Woods (1)
  • Stage 3: Search the letter “M” in Dusty Divot (1)
  • Stage 4: Search the letter “N” under a frozen lake (1)
  • Final Stage: Visit the NOMS sign in Retail Row (1)

• Pickaxe damage (10)



Eliminate opponents at all Expedition Outposts (7)
• Eliminations at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park (2)
• Launch Fireworks (5)
• Use an X-4 Stormwing Plane in different matches (3)

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