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Fortnite: Deep Freeze - the perfect Christmas present?

Fortnite – a freeze is coming

More people are playing Fortnite than live in the whole of the UK, as the worlds favourite game gets ready for Christmas.

One of the big stories of 2018 for video games has been the apparent decline in software sales for many major franchises, the true nature of the problem hidden by the fact that companies never release proper sales information.

But now we know exactly how many people are, at least potentially, playing Fortnite, with the game now having reached 200 million registers users.

Thats not the same as those actively playing, which would have been the preferable number to have, but it is up 60% from June – according to a report by Bloomberg.

The last total for active monthly users was 78.3 million, so if thats also increased by 60% then it could currently be as high as 125 million.

Both numbers are bigger than the entire population of the UK (at around 66 million) and 200 million would make it the sixth most populated country in the world, behind only Brazil, Indonesia, the USA, India, and China.



When, if ever, the games success might start to see any kind of slowdown – let alone a decline – is impossible to guess but given its free and on every format imaginable its not going to happen any time soon.

One of the secrets to Fortnites success is its constantly changing map and steady stream of new features. These are organised around in-game seasons, and the current one, number six, is now coming to an end.

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Theres always a clue as to what the theme of the next season will be though and this time it seems to revolve around a storm cloud brewing on the horizon, that is expected to give the game a wintry sheen in time for Christmas.

Players have already noticed you can now see your breath on the starting island, which is the closest to the incoming storm.

The approaching weather front also matches the theme of Fortnites first retail release, the Deep Freeze Bundle, which came out earlier this month.

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