Fortnite Gargoyles: Dance at different Gargoyles Fortnitemares Challenge Map Locations (Pic: EPIC GAMES)


Here's a quick rundown of all the Gargoyle locations found so far

GARGOYLE 1 – West of Lazy links – Underground, deep inside the little umbrella mine location on the map.

GARGOYLE 2 – East of Haunted Hills in the Gothic Castle – It's slap bang in the middle of the hall area, placed against a pillar.

GARGOYLE 3 – Tomato Temple – In the sunken area just away from the main Tomato Temple.

GARGOYLE 4 – Viking Village – It's on the far side of the main hall.

GARGOYLE 5 – North of Flush Factory on top of the GIANT mountain – It's right on the top of the mountain. To save time your best dropping to this one from the Battle Bus.

GARGOYLE 6 – Retail Row – There's one in the basement of the northern most house in Retail Row.

Stay tuned, there could be more. Mind, you only need to dance in front of 5 to complete the challenge…

Fortnite Gargoyles – Here's where you'll find them (Pic: DS)


We're now starting to slowly see where these Gargoyles Locations are based around the map.

We'll be updating the below with more info the second we find new Gargoyles across the map.

Check out the video below to see exactly what these new Gargoyles look like.

They also appear to be giving off a sort of noise like the Gnomes so if you can't see them, you might hear them

Stay tuned for updates…

GARGOYLE 5 – North of Flush Factory on top of the GIANT mountain – It's right on the top of the mountain. To save time your best dropping to this one from the Battle Bus.

Original Story – Fortnite Fortnitemares event has just launched. But for the time being, Fortnite servers are DOWN with matchmaking temporarily offline. This is so Epic Games can release the new 6.20 update.

If you want to check over the patch notes for the new update, you can view them by following the link.

But one of the main features introduced with Fortnitemares is a new set of free challenges for players to complete.


And like most Battle Royale challenges, if you complete them, you'll unlock yourself some special in-game cosmetics

These are certainly worth doing because chances are when the event ends you'll have trouble getting hold of them again. It's not impossible mind, even the Red Knight and Skull Trooper Skins returned after all, but we doubt it'll be anytime soon.

The first set of Fortnitemares challenges are:

  • Destroy Cube Monsters
  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters
  • Visit a Corrupted Area in different matches
  • Dance at different Gargoyles

Epic Games has also indicated that they'll be adding to or potentially rotating these challenges every couple of days. Telling fans:

"Come back every few days for a new set of challenges and new rewards!"

Ultimately though, you want to try and complete as much as possible because if you complete the final set of challenges, youll be rewarded with the new Dark Engine glider!

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There is, however, one challenge that's likely going to have players stumped this morning.

And that's the new "Dance at different Gargoyles Challenge"

To our knowledge, the Battle Royale map doesn't currently contain any Gargoyles. Honestly, it's not something we've been on the lookout for.

Potentially at Haunted Hills in the cemetery or maybe at the castle.

It's also possible there will be new Gargoyle additions to the map following today's update and downtime. We do know Epic love to throw a curveball now and again to keep players guessing.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for official confirmation as to what and where you need to go to complete this task.

However, we have a sneaky suspicion that it might be something near Tomato Temple.

That's because Fortnite Intel noticed a change to the area during the brief clip showing the new glider features.

As soon as the game is back online and we have more info though, you can be sure we'll update this page.

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