Fortnite 6.21 LEAKED Skins: NEW Season 6 shop items Today? Skull Trooper? Red Trooper? (Pic: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite update 6.21 is coming later this morning, with servers going down and matchmaking temporarily offline as Epic Games goes about releasing it on PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Official patch notes will come when the game goes offline at 8am GMT but unlike most weeks, we already have some leaked info which hints at some new skins and one big potential return.

Usually, we would see skins leaked by users following the release of the update – from the likes of @FortniteBR and @TwoEpicBuddies – but we already have a few previous leaks that we're waiting to see go live.

It's possible that we could see these skins and cosmetics, including new skins, gliders and back bling in the new update out today.

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(Pic: Epic Games)


In addition to the skull trooper, we could also see the famous GHOUL skin return to the Fortnite item shop too.

Another Fortnite leaker, @Fortrisen, has predicted since the start of Season 6 some of the major skins which would be returning. And the leaker has been on point predicting the return of Tomatohead, Ravage, the Easter skins and more.

The leak also claimed well before season 6 that we would see the return of Chomp Sr, Wreck Raider and Skull Trooper.

And currently, the only skins remaining are Ghoul Trooper and Valkyrie.

Whether they plan to do this today, or closer to the end of the season isn't clear.

Given that Epic Games have already brought back the Skull Trooper as part of the spooky Halloween Season 6 theme, and it would seem strange not to also bring back this much loved skin.


K-Pop and Onesie Skins Return?

Earlier this week Epic Games actually removed two skins from the game. This included the K-Pop and Onesie skins, which have so far been leaked in files, but not actually released in the games item shop.

K-Pop is one of the most mysterious Fortnite cosmetics yet, being added in September 2018 as an unnamed image of a prominent Asian character with a pink monster hoodie on. We only learned his name and confirmed his scheduled addition to the Item Shop when the files were updated a few weeks after.

The Onesie skin was also removed, having only just been added with the Fortnite 6.10 patch.

Quite why the skins have been removed is anybody's guess, but it's possible something may have been wrong with the skins which needed fixing.

We've seen this before when skins have leaked or even been released and then seen issues in game.

For example, the Grill Sergent was bugging out on release and more recently Epic Games have to remove the Zoey skin too.

Who knows, perhaps they'll return later today, primed and ready for the item shop.

[LEAK] We may be seeing a Skull Trooper and Ghost Portal in a Red Varient Soon!

— Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) October 11, 2018


One skin that's previously leaked which we're waiting on, is a Red variant for the infamous skull trooper skin.

Last week, on October 11, notorious Fortnite leaker @FNBRLeaks revealed another version of the Skull Trooper outfit that had yet to be released.

Based on the files which have been shared, this looks like a Red version of the current Skull Trooper skin, which recently received a variety of colour variants with it's re-released in Fortnite update 6.02.

Some players had been claiming that the leaked Red Variant for Skull Trooper was actually just the purple version, but FortniteIntel followed up to clarify with @FNBRLeaks.

"Weve directly contacted FNBRLeaks and they have kindly provided us images containing comparisons for both the purple and red versions of Skull Trooper. We can say that it is very likely well see this red variant.

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