Fortnite 6.02 Leaked Skins: Are these NEW Season 6 Items coming to the shop TODAY? (Pic: IG)

Fortnite servers are going down this morning with matchmaking temporarily offline as Epic Games goes about releasing the brand new 6.02 update and patch notes for the game.

Official patch notes will come when the game goes offline at 9am BST but unlike most weeks, the leaked skins have already been revealed, well sort of.

Usually, we would see these skins leaked datamined by users following the release of the update – from the likes of @FortniteBR and @TwoEpicBuddies – but this week we found out much sooner.

There are new upcoming cosmetics, including new skins, gliders and back bling.

It's unclear when these new items could go live in the game, or even what they look like, because according to the dataminer there were no pictures in the games existing files (see tweet below).

Take a look at the list of new cosmetics below and stay tuned for more info the second Fortnite goes offline today.

Reason there are no pictures is because they arent in the files. AT ALL. Basically we are leaking things from future updates!

— Mystxc FNBR Leaks (@MystxcLeaks) October 6, 2018


  • Scourge (Female) – cid_240_athena_commando_f_plague
  • Plague (Male) – cid_241_athena_commando_m_plague
  • Bullseye (Female) – cid_242_athena_commando_f_bullseye
  • Hollowhead (Male) – cid_243_athena_commando_m_pumpkinslice
  • Squashman (Male) – cid_244_athena_commando_m_pumpkinsuit
  • Onesie (Female) – cid_245_athena_commando_f_durrburgerpjs
  • Skull Ranger (Female) – cid_246_athena_commando_f_grave


  • TBD – glider_id_084_plague
  • TBD – glider_id_085_skulltrooper


  • Headbanger – eid_headbang
  • Sprinkler – eid_sprinkler
  • Behold! – eid_lookatthis
  • Electro Swing – eid_electroswing
  • Get Psyched – eid_powerup


  • Herald's Wand – pickaxe_id_107_plague
  • Carver – pickaxe_id_108_pumpkinslice
  • TBD – pickaxe_id_109_skulltrooper

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