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Former Blizzard Entertainment developers have announced their new studio has formed a deal with Marvel to work on a new game.

The studio, titled Second Dinner, posted a video to declare theyre working on an unannounced game for Marvel after securing $30 million financial backing from Chinese internet company, NetEase.

The ex-Blizzard employees all worked on digital card Hearthstone, with Second Dinner founded by Ben Brode and Hamilton Chu who both left the company in 2018.

The pair have now formed a five-man team with fellow Blizzard alumni Mike Schweitzer, Yong Woo and Jomaro Kindred.

The team are now looking to expand their team for the project, with a number of job listings now available on their website.

Its unclear what the unannounced game could be, although judging by their pedigree on Hearthstone it could be a mobile or PC-orientated title.

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Speaking about the project in the video, Brode said: [Weve been] working on, I think, a sick Marvel game for about six months. Were doing a prototype and starting play-testing. I think its super fun.

Crystal Dynamics are also currently working on a new Marvel game based on the Avengers, which was announced back in 2017.

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