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(Fantasy Flight Games)

Fantasy Flight Games has announced its newest upcoming release that it describes as a unique game of exploration and survival.

It was a game that was teased earlier this year but some of the details have now been revealed and the new release will follow the path of Keyforge where every copy will be different.

Cards, tiles and tokens for Discover: Lands Unknown will all be randomised, making it a unique experience for each person that owns it.

The game can play between one and four people and it is set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2018.

You will play as survivors looking to escape the land that you find yourself on, with terrains and challenges differing depending on what you find in your games box.

Players will draw quest card during the game that will tell you what your objectives are as you progress.



As well as the varying game objectives and landscape players will also have their own unique mixture of playable characters who have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Discover: Lands Unknown is available to pre-order from the Fantasy Flight website for $59.95.

Fantasy Flight Games also recently announced plans to release a new expansion for the Game of Thrones board game later this year.

Mothers of Dragons will add various new features to the game including an extension to the map from the main game and making it playable for up to eight people.

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