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It's even Christmas in the Old West

Its even Christmas in the Old West

Red Dead Redemption IIs multiplayer mode is getting into the festive spirit, as the saloon pianists start playing Xmas songs.

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Most online games do something for Christmas, even if its just the odd party hat on mission givers, but the most obvious thing – snow – is not really something Red Dead Online can do and still maintain its illusion of realism.

So instead all the pianists in the various bars, restaurants, and saloons have started playing festive music, including Silent Night, Deck the Halls, and Jingle Bells.

(And yes, a quick check on Wikipedia reveals all of those were written before the games setting of 1899, although we believe the Batman smells lyrics for Jingle Bells were added later.)

Theres also reports of other non-player characters playing carols on guitars, banjos, and whatever other musical instruments they might have.



Nobody seems to be actually singing along, although thats something you as a player can do instead. Assuming youre not too worried about being shot in the back while you do so.

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The apparent Father Christmas outfit is not actually a separate thing, instead the player has just grown his beard and coloured his normal clothes red. But still, good effort.

Technically Red Dead Online is still in beta, with no mention of when itll come out, but while its a bit short on content at the moment, as described in our review, Rockstars work with GTA Online suggests that will change soon enough.

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