Enlarge / An artist's approximation of what Diablo III: Eternal Collection may look like when it arrives on Nintendo Switch by year's end.Blizzard / Aurich Lawson

Blizzard's first-ever video game for the Nintendo Switch, Diablo III, was unveiled on Wednesday following an article's apparent accidental publication.

Forbes published an article on Wednesday confirming that the developer's popular slash-and-loot series would arrive on Nintendo Switch by the end of 2018 in the form of an "Eternal Collection." The outlet quickly removed the article from its site, but its copious details (screengrabbed by Reddit members) appear legitimate, and publications like Kotaku confirmed that Forbes' article ran one day before Blizzard's official unveil scheduled for Thursday of this week.

As you might imagine from a name like "Eternal Collection," this version of Diablo III will include all of the 2012 game's subsequent paid expansions, including Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer, along with all of the game's free updates and patches up to this point. It will launch at an MSRP of $59.99.

The Switch version will include four-player local-multiplayer support, and it doesn't care if players share one console or connect via local-wireless features. This will come in addition to full online-multiplayer support, which will require a paid Nintendo Online subscription. The article's phrasing appears to imply that Diablo III: Eternal Collection will launch on Switch no earlier than Nintendo's "late September" window for its paid-service launch.

Switch players can look forward to a few in-game items for their version of the game, which all have Legend of Zelda series trappings: a "Legend of Ganondorf" cosmetic armor set, a Triforce-design portrait frame, "Echoes of the Mask" cosmetic wings, and a Cucco as an in-game pet. (We look forward to finding out whether this chicken can be slashed by players and thus get them swarmed by a violent Cucco horde.) Forbes' article did not clarify whether these items will immediately unlock when Switch players start a new quest or if they'll have to be earned via quests or other activities.

Blizzard Entertainment did not immediately respond to our questions about the Forbes report.

This news still leaves at least one more Diablo project under wraps, as the company announced "multiple Diablo projects" in production as of last week.

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