• Yes, this Wendy's-themed tabletop RPG exists, and it's pretty robust. Wendy's
  • Your majesty.
  • Your incredibly non-subtle villain, who looks like a clown and traffics in frozen beef. Hmm.
  • Your realm. Some of these regions are not mentioned in the accompanying, pre-made adventure, which makes us wonder if the Feast of Legends will ever get a…. wait for it… second helping.
  • A baked potato with a wizard's hat. Yes.
  • Some sample character sheets for level-two characters.
  • Only five trait stats, instead of six. Here's the Wendy's twist on a typical wizard.
  • "Dual wielding" isn't nearly as awesome sounding as this.
  • The DM guide in the book includes a lot of detailed maps, along with flavor text mocking Wendy's fast-food rivals.
  • If only all chicken nuggets were served this way.
  • Feel free to ignore these optional house rules.
  • Yeah, I'd order these dice if they were for sale. Critical redhead! Wendy's

Unhealthy food and games have been official bedfellows for decades, beyond the snacks that line your average video- or board-gaming marathon. This includes licensed cereal characters in '70s and '80s board games, cartoon food icons as pixelated gaming mascots, and modern promotional games like Burger King's Sneak King and KFC's recent I Love You, Colonel Sanders.

It's not the subject matter we necessarily deem worthy of a brief at Ars, but this week, Wendy's got our attention by rolling a veritable D20 die down our clogged arteries and into our hearts.

On Thursday, the fast-food restaurant chain released Feast Of Legends: Rise From the Deep Freeze. This free, 97-page PDF slaps cheeseburgers, fried chicken, Frosty desserts, and French fries onto a Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure that revolves around the years-old Wendy's slogan of "fresh, never frozen" (a phrase that is literally chanted by townspeople in the village of, ahem, Freshtovia).

Two Beef Patties, please

So, yes, this is a 97-page advertisement for Wendy's fast food, but we're shouting it out for a few reasons. First, it's an elegantly streamlined version of D&D, somewhere between that game's 4th Edition and 5th Edition rulesets, and it revolves around standard-issue D&D tropes like multi-sided die, rolling for initiative, building a character with varied stats, performing a limited number of actions and moves per turn, encouraging creative decision-making (aided by dice rolls) when outside of combat, and maneuvering warriors on a grid of squares whenever battle breaks out.

As a newbie-friendly twist on D&D, Feast of Legends automatically chooses abilities and powers for each of its classes, and it also shrinks D&D's six ability scores down to five. Whether you want to augment your Read More – Source


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