David Dobrik has always been known to be generous but hes taken it a new level in his latest video as he surprised a homeless man with a years supply of Chipotle and a new car.

Were not okay.

The YouTube star, who has built up a following of around 14 million with his unique vlogs and won award after award, stumbled upon John while filming.

After talking to John we found out he had been kicked out of foster care to live on the streets and even recently had his car stolen, David said in the voiceover. Then we heard something no one should ever hear.

John went on to say: Ive actually never had Chipotle.

With the 22-year-old and the rest of his pals, also known as the Vlog Squad, zooming away to get him a burrito to taste, John was surprised with a years supply of free Chipotle.



Luckily, he dubbed his first taste f***ing delicious.

Trolling fans that the video was over, David added: I forgot to mention. We also got him another gift.

Cutting back to his meeting with John, the star said: Theres a lot of clothes here for you. You want us to help you put them in your new car? before pulling out a car key.

David had fans in tears (Picture: David Dobrik)

With John tearing up, viewers also started to get emotional. Who can blame them?

My heart got so happy when David gave him the key. I started bawling my eyeballs out, one said, with another adding: David youre changing peoples lives.

David Dobrik
John admitted the burrito was f***ing delicious (Picture: David Dobrik)

Previously chatting to about his vlogs, David explained hes in his element when the cameras on.

Its the best, its so weird because, having your camera on constantly is known to be such a bad thing because its like, “Live in the moment,” but we genuinely have so much fun when we turn the camera on, he told us.

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It doesnt feel like work at all and were all trying to help each other out and make videos possible.



Im really surprised that no one is ever like, “I dont wanna film right now”. I havent heard that in like two years. Its really weird, people love filming, they lovRead More – Source


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