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Charles Krauthammers son appeared on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to discuss how he followed in his fathers footsteps and edited Krauthammers final book.

The book entitled “The Point of It All: A Lifetime Of Great Loves And Endeavors” was published in November and went on sale Tuesday. It focuses on a “breathtaking range of subjects,” according to his son, Daniel Krauthammer.

“He was pretty far along. He had put together most of the articles and columns and essays that are in the book now and had set aside some others for consideration. And kind of the direction of it — I knew kind of where he was going but there was still a lot of work to be done,” Daniel Krauthammer said.

Charles Krauthammer was a medical doctor, writer and conservative commentator best known for his in-depth analysis and deep thoughts on life. He passed away in June after a battle with cancer.

“Last year when he was sick, I was able to set things up in his hospital so he could work on it and kind of continue pulling things together,” Daniel Krauthammer added. “And so I got a sense through that of what he wanted to do. And when the final prognosis came, he entrusted it to me and told me he wanted me to finish it.”

Daniel Krauthammer said it was difficult having to guess what his father would have done in certain situations, but he claimed he was confident enough to proclaim his dads message with the proper emotion and accuracy.


“There were definitely choices I had to make that I didnt know exactly what he would do,” Daniel Krauthammer said. (RELATED: Conservative Commentator And Pulitzer Prize Winner Charles Krauthammer Has Died)

He continued:

I felt confident enough that I knew his underlying philosophy, his underlying thoughts on politics and life and religion and kind of the big questions and little questions that, when I read things, I could see the sinews between pieces that would link them all together. And when he wrote his first book, “Things That Matter,” I talked to him about that and wrote to him about that and I think he felt that I really got it in a way that sometimes he even missed. So, that gave me some confidence.

Daniel Krauthammer said his father believed everything connects back to politics and is affected by the political paths we choose.

“Everything in the end depends on politics. And I think that all things beautiful and elegant, he would say — all things high and that we live for and that give purpose to life — thats what gives it meaning. But it all has to bow to politics,” he said. “If you get politics wrong, the rest collapses.”

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