Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare - just how many modes will it have?

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – just how many modes will it have?

Infinity Ward developers have said no comment to rumours that this years COD has a secret third multiplayer mode.

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Its already July and we know very little about this years Call Of Duty, other than its a reboot of Modern Warfare and its going for some good old-fashioned shock value with its story campaign.

Usually by this time all the games modes have been unveiled in public and subject to at least some sort of hands-on preview. But at the moment all we know for sure is that itll have standard multiplayer and what sounds like a co-op mode similar to the old Spec Ops modes – because theres no Zombies mode.

But YouTube channel TheGamingRevolution claims that the game will also have a battle royale mode with a map three times the size of Blackout and with up to 200 players (although supposedly it only supports 152 at the moment).



The channel provides no evidence for the claims and while there is a lot of detail, such as the map apparently being stitched together from all the separate Spec Ops missions, theres nothing to suggest it isnt just fan wishful thinking.

Nevertheless, the rumour has already been making the rounds across the Internet and some are claiming the fact that Infinity Ward staff wont comment on the story is significant.

— Joel Emslie (@ArtPeasant) June 30, 2019

It does seem a little odd that they wouldnt just deny it if its not true but in all likelihood theyre bound by NDAs that prevent them from saying anything at all.

On the face of it, a battle royale mode does seem unlikely, considering how much is already in the game and that theres been no hint of it up until now.