Captain Haunt a bad guy from the new in-game event called the Bloody Harvest coming to Borderlands 3 in October

Captain Haunt, doesnt he just make you shake uncontrollably with fear? (Picture: Gearbox)

Borderlands 3 is launching its first in-game event which is due late October right before Halloween kicks off, called Bloody Harvest.

It hasnt taken Borderlands 3 long before it announced its first free event, which goes live to the masses at the end of October. For those of you hoping for Halloween scares, youll no doubt want to get ready for bad guy Captain Haunt when you do battle with him and his minions in Bloody Harvest.

This event will give you access to a brand new area called Heck (yes thats the areas name) where terror inducing foes will test your limits.

A new mechanic is added into the game where enemies can inflict fear on you, which in any other game, makes you run away for a few seconds before returning to your senses. Itll be intriguing if this will be the case for Bloody Harvest or if something new will happen?

Get a first look at the spooky Bloody Harvest event coming to #Borderlands3 this October in the first episode of The Borderlands Show! ?

See what we revealed here:

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As its the month of horror, in this location you can find new attachments which you can equip to your guns to bring fear to those you encounter – so not just your enemies have the power of terror.

Bloody Harvest is available to all Borderlands 3 players, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC vis Epic Games Store.

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