A gloomy moonlight lit loading screen datamined from Fortnite battle royale game

A new loading screen datamined from Fortnite (Picture: Lucas7yoshi Twitter)

Batman and Gotham City seem to be preparing to pay a visit to the world of Fortnite, in the latest big-name crossover event.

The datamining community has some of the most dedicated game fans around, always on the hunt for secrets about new features coming to the most popular online games. Fortnite is always a prime target and once again it looks like its going to get a very unexpected cameo.

In the past, limited time events have featured John Wick and Stranger Things – and most recently Borderlands 3 – and now it seems to be the turn of the Dark Knight Detective to join the battle royale.

Dataminers have discovered a horde of Batman-related content hidden away in the latest build, including a wing-like Bat-Glider, a spray (probably not shark repellent) plus a plethora of other goodies.

New "DC" Rarity & Bat Glider In-game ?

— HYPEX – Fortnite Leaks & News (@HYPEX) September 18, 2019



Some of these seem to be rewards for a new limited time Batman themed mode, with challenges such as lighting up the bat signal and dealing damage to opponents with an explosive batarang – yes, you read that correctly.

Bat Symbot Light Leak!! it will appear in the next tilted (Gotham City) once it's in the game.. and maybe then we will see the Batman skin in the shop! *i found so many effects and things that i'll leak in a bit*

— HYPEX – Fortnite Leaks & News (@HYPEX) September 18, 2019

As well as just items a newly discovered map area has also been found, suggesting that a portion of Titled Town will be reworked into a version of Gotham City – complete with a police station and Wayne Enterprises building.

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Two new weapons are also coming: the explosive batarang, which can home in on players and can stick to walls and will explode if enemies pass buy; and a grapnel gun, which pulls you towards a target location and then deploys a glider.

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