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Will the next Batman game be based more directly on the comics?

Will the next Batman game be based more directly on the comics?

WB Games Montréal are not going to be at The Game Awards this week but its looking increasingly likely theyre working on a new Batman game.

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Despite being a huge studio, with hundreds of people, WB Games Montréal hasnt produced a single game this whole generation. In fact, the only major game theyve made of any kind is 2013s Batman: Arkham Origins.

They have been associated with multiple rumours of cancelled games though, making it very hard to guess what theyre really still doing – even after a developer recently hinted they were working on two separate DC Comics games.

After Batman: Arkham creators Rocksteady Studios confirmed they wouldnt be at The Game Awards this week fan attention turned to WB Games Montréal, who… have now said theyre not going either.

… Were not doing the glamorous part of the job just yet. Were headed down to meet with our WB partners and showcase the teams hard work and share our excitement. I know how anxious the fans are to hear something… Please be patient! (2/2)

— Patrick Redding (@Holesinteeth) December 2, 2018

However, there is still a clue as to what theyre doing, with the tweet below featuring an assistant producer wearing a T-shirt that seems to be a reference to the Court of Owls storyline from the comics.



The logo isnt exactly the same, implying its been created specifically for the game, and the tweet seems to have been purposefully designed as a teaser.

The Court of Owls (owls eat bats in real life, which is why they turn up so much in Batmans mythos) are a secret society of Gotham City elites who have their own band of assassins called the Talons.

The storyline itself was famous for featuring all the previous incarnation of Robin (theres been a lot) which could lend itself well to multiplayer, if thats the direction they wanted to take things.

Although Rocksteadys involvement in The Game Awards has been ruled out fellow Warner Bros. studio NetherRealm is heavily rumoured to be about to unveil Mortal Kombat XI. Supposedly itll feature Shaolin Monks style free-roaming action, which sounds great but only has unverifiable 4chan rumours to back it up.

Theres also rumours that Borderlands 3 and Metroid Prime 4 might be unveiled for the first time. But while theres no real proof for the former, Nintendo is known to be in attendance and has used the show before to unveil new footage.

Hideo Kojima is also going to be there, which almost certainly means Death Stranding will be too. Avengers: Infinity Ward directors the Russo brothers are also booked as guests, which makes a reveal for Square Enixs secretive Avengers game seem likely.



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In terms of actual confirmed titles theres a new look at BioWares Anthem (as well as perhaps a hint at Dragon Age 4), 20th Century Foxs new Alien: Blackout game, and a new sci-fi title from Obsidian Entertainment and the co-creator of Fallout.

Last years Game Awards was very good, with the only problem being that the show doesnt even start till 1.30am on Thursday night/Friday morning. But dont worry if you cant stay up to watch it, well do that for you and have all the announcements ready to read about when you wake up…

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