PARIS (REUTERS) – Asterix, the indomitable pint-sized Gaul forever outfoxing the Romans, returns this week for his 38th comic book adventure called Asterix And The Chieftain's Daughter.

It features, for the first time in its 60-year history, a heroine.

In a move to update the books, which have been entertaining readers since 1959 and spawned multiple movies, the action in the new edition revolves around a character called Adrenaline, daughter of famous Gaulish king Vercingetorix.

With her black trousers, gold headphones and grumpy teenage disposition, Adrenaline will keep Asterix and his oversized sidekick Obelix doing their best to ensure her safety as she explores adolescent rebellion.

The last three editions of Asterix have been written by Jean-Yves Ferri and drawn by Didier Conrad, sticking closely to the original format.

"We didn't want to develop a character who would be based on her seductive side as we usually do with female characters in Asterix. Most of the time, they are young, attractive women who seduce Obelix and their role stops there," Conrad said.

In the latest edition, Asterix and Obelix must protect Adrenaline, who is being hunted by the Romans, while also being confronted by the inter-generational gap.

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