One more subscription for the pile...

One more subscription for the pile…

iOS is getting a new private gaming service where all games will be playable offline, with no ads, tracking, or microtransactions.

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Just a week after Google announced their entry into the video games business, Apple has announced their own new approach to video games – but its not a streaming service.

It is subscription-based though and allows you to play all of its games offline, without any ads, in-app purchases, or user data tracking.

As you can imagine, that rules out most of the more popular smartphone games, with Apples trailer focusing on narrative-based indie titles with little or no action.

Beyond A Steel Sky is a sequel to 1994 graphic adventure Beneath A Steel Sky and seem to be an Apple exclusive. Theres also coming of age tale Where Cards Fall and new game Fantasian from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi – which, like the recent Trüberbrook, seems to use physical sets.



Also spotlighted was Lifelike, which simulates animal swarm behaviour, and Overland – which is an odd game to focus on because it was already announced last week by Nintendo.

The second trailer also features a number of previously-announced indie titles, including Sayonara Wild Hearts, The Artful Escape, and The Pathless.

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