Tech giants Apple and Samsung are back in court today over their long-running patent feud.

The legal battle has been raging for seven years now, after Apple first sued Samsung for copying its iPhone designs in 2011.

A jury in San Jose, California, will once again review the arguments around Apple's design patents to decide the appropriate amount in damages Samsung needed to pay back.

It will be the third time that the five patents have been put under the microscope since the dispute began.

Towards the start of proceedings in 2012, a jury handed Apple $1.05bn in damages – but that sum was later taken down after a judge found errors in the jury's calcuatlions.

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Then, a retrial in 2013 won Apple $290m – this case was then appealed to the Supreme Court, where Samsung attempted to rubbish the original ruling's basis that damages from a single design patent could influence a product's profits.

The Supreme Court agreed with this in 2016, saying that damages would have to be proportionate to the specific parts on the phone that were copied, rather than profit made from the entire product.

This week's trial will now determine how damages will be calculated, as the jury will be told to consider the arguments back at the beginning.

The jury will only be ruling on what the appropriate amount Samsung should pay in damages should be, rather than whether any laws were infringed.

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