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A mother whose son was shot by an illegal immigrant in 2002 said the migrant caravan headed for the southern border doesnt respect the United States and poses a risk to its citizens.

Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney, who legally immigrated to the U.S., said the government failed to flag her sons killer, Cristhian Bahena Rivera, despite his use of a fake ID card and false Social Security number.

“My son was born here in the United States,” she said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday. “He was standing on the driveway when this gang member was going to shoot his friend and got my son instead. He fled to Mexico immediately after the shooting and eventually he turned himself in.”

Host Ainsley Earhardt asked Gibboney what her message was for the caravan and she said she would tell them to stop their siege on the border. (RELATED: Legal Immigrant Explains How To Enter America The Right Way And Says Illegals Are A Threat To National Security)

“I want to tell them to stop. This mob, this criminal activity, this is — these are — Im speechless,” she replied. “This is a mob thats invading our country and this needs to be stopped. They dont respect our country. They didnt respect the borders into Mexico. They tore down their wall and Mexico has very strict immigration laws and they didnt care.”


“What makes anybody think that they are going to respect American laws? We dont need these people here. And if they are legitimately refugees, dont come here just because you need a job,” she added. “Thats not a real reason to be a refugee. Go to the first port of entry.”

Gibboney said America needs to revisit its immigration laws and require a full screening and strict vetting process for anyone who wishes to cross the border.

“Its not unreasonable, the time that it is required. Youve got to go through a full background investigation, full medical, make sure that you have good character, good morals,” she said. “It takes a few months once the process is started. Waiting until you start may take a little longer, but you need to be patient like my family was.”

“We never for a minute thought about invading this country coming here as a tourist and overstaying our visa. That needs to stop,” she said, adding:

“We have immigration laws. We need to enforce them and lawmakers need to work with President [Donald] Trump.”

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