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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – will the beta make you more or less likely to get it?

As he awaits the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare beta on PC, a reader looks back at the games hes previously been put off by playing their beta.

With the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta now started, Im quite looking forward to it. Im on PC, so wont be able to participate till 19 September. However, I have not pre-ordered the game but instead bought a cheap beta code off eBay. Whats the point of paying a lot of money for something in advance that you have no idea youll like, if its any good, or even if its going to work? (Chances are it will be great but still, its not as if theyll be a limited amount of copies available.)

Playing betas are one of the best things about modern day gaming and have actually saved me a lot of money over the years.



Being from the same developers as Halo, I was really hyped for Destiny and although I enjoyed the beta, I could see from that early stage that the grinding would get on my nerves, so I skipped it until much later when The Taken King expansion bundle came out and certain changes were made to reduce the grind.

Battlefield 3 was the first online multiplier game I got heavily into and I was stoked for Battlefield 4, wanting it to be exactly the same as 3 but with new maps. However, the beta showed that DICE made it more like Call Of Duty; the weapon recoil and time-to-kill were lowered, among other things, which was a bit disappointing. So I skipped that too upon release, which was just as well because of the mess it was in during its first year.

Overwatch was probably the highlight of all betas. I knew nothing about Blizzard and their previous games and didnt follow Overwatch in development as when I first found out about it, it was said to be PC only and back then I was on console.

They later announced it would be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the same day as PC, so I started paying attention. Looking at a video of alpha gameplay I didnt have a clue as to what was going on but it looked like great fun! When the beta dropped, I played it continuously and when it ended I was spoilt in a way that I just didnt want to play anything else and could not wait for release day.



Battleborn was the complete opposite. I knew it was from the developers of Borderlands and was really excited from the moment it was announced. I read every single piece of news available every day. Then I saw footage of a pre-test which didnt look that fun to me but I thought maybe its a better game to play than watch.

I managed to get invited to the pre-test alpha which brought the new experience of having to agree to a non-disclosure agreement, which felt all top secret like I was working for the government or something. But that special feeling didnt last long as playing Battleborn just wasnt fun and I sort of felt sorry for the developers as I could see what they were trying to do but it just felt like it was missing something and I didnt even participate for the whole of the alpha.

Evolve was another game I was very excited for, coming from the team that made Left 4 Dead, but I gave up on that beta pretty quickly. The concept was novel with its 4 verses 1 scenario, but it turned out to be a bit dull and not very exciting.

The Black Ops III beta was interesting, as Id never really been into the multiplayer side of Call Of Duty games. Id given them a go over the years but never stuck around for long and when I had tried Black Ops II online, I had constant, Read More – Source


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