Here is the bare truth from Andie Chen, who has revealed that his family is all he needs to make his day, and inspire him to make the next day a better one for all.

On Tuesday (Sept 17), the actor, 34, posted that he still gets motivation from an old photo of his wife Kate Pang, 36, and their first child.

"Took this photo when I just returned to Singapore after being based in Taiwan for almost two years," he wrote.

"Just got married. Aden is about three months old here. We had no money, no house, no car, no career and I was staying at my parents' (place). We had close to nothing, but every day I would come home to this and I knew I was blessed.

"I knew no matter what it took, I will make it work."

Chen, who got married in 2013 and has a second child with Pang, said in a previous interview that he appreciates what she has done.

"Sometimes when I'm tired, I sleep alone, and my kids sleep with my wife.

"She doesn't give me a hard time for that.

"I just have to help her with her chores a little bit and she thinks I'm super dad."

While the couple ma


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