For the little ones, there is much to absorb and experience while out and about in Dubai.

This complements Singapore's push to encourage outdoor learning — a critical aspect of holistic early childhood development with benefits such as physical and mental wellbeing — and grow traits such as resilience and tenacity.

On top of visiting iconic landmarks and enjoying quintessential Middle Eastern hospitality, your kids can also discover specially-curated lessons in biology, history or technology designed to nurture curious young minds:

Soak up some culture[hhmc]

Take a guided walking tour through unique narrow sikkas or alleys, coral-clad houses and beautiful wind tower residences along the Dubai Creek to discover the history and culture of Dubai, along with insights into her food, architecture , lifestyle, attire, traditional vocations and even maritime history.

The tour, offered by non-profit organisation Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding to promote Emirati culture, customs, traditions and religion among expatriates and foreign visitors, is followed by an interactive question and answer session about Emirati culture over coffee and dates at Diwan Masjid.

Learn about marine life[hhmc]

On top of a visit to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, opt for a behind-the-scenes tour for a fascinating glimpse at the magic of the ocean. Snorkel, feed fish and ride meet an aquarist to find out what it takes to care for over 33,000 marine animals under one roof.

What does it take to care for over 3,000 marine animals? Find out at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. PHOTO: TOURISM DUBAI

Go green the fun way[hhmc]

Marvel at the delicate balance trees, plants and animals live in at The Green Planet, an indoor, man-made rainforest that is home to 3,000 different types of inhabitants. Interact with certain animals, learn about rainforest ecosystems and their rich biodiversity, and understand how they impact our daily lives. For a truly immersive experience, discover all four levels of this attraction — promising visual encounters with sloths, tree porcupines, reptiles and insects.

Get up close and personal with endangered turtles[hhmc]

Marvel at a dedicated team's conservation efforts that take place at the state-of-the-art Turtle Rehabilitation Sanctuary at Jumeirah Al Naseem, 24/7. Currently the only one of its kind, the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project is run in collaboration with Dubais Wildlife Protection Office. Since 2004, sick or injured turtles have been cared for, protected and rehabilitated while awareness has been raised about the threats they face. To date, thousands of rescued sea turtles back into Dubais waters.

The little ones will learn about sea turtle biology and the local and global plight of sea turtles. They can also get up close and personal to the turtles at an outdoor turtle rehabilitation enclosure which is open to the public daily, and try their hand at turtle feeding.

Have fun from up high[hhmc]

Surf's up — among the trees, right in the heart of Dubai. Reconnect with nature while navigating over 80 exhilarating challenges across five different levels, off the ground and between the trees. The fun happens at Aventura Parks, which is set in a nature park and focused to training kids in adventure sports. Surrounded by the great outdoors, children will learn balance, confidence and motor skills on their treetop adventures. Afterwards, the whole family can cool their heels at Aventura Café with a snack or a drink, while enjoying the stunning views of the park.

Learn balance, confidence and motor skills on their treetop adventures at Aventura Parks. PHOTO: TOURISM DUBAI

Delve into fascinating history[hhmc]

Make your way down to Al Shindagha Museum to catch Dubai Creek: Birth of a City, a state-of-the-art multimedia experience that highlights the areas dramatic development over centuries. The colourful, traditional Emirati lifestyle is showcased through interactive videos, touch displays and historic photographs and artefacts.

An extension of this is a visit to Perfume House, where both the young and the old can discover how scents played an iRead More – Source


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