• ADT and Google, together forever. Google
  • ADT's new site paints a picture of the future: Google hardware, ADT Installers. Google
  • This is what a Nest Secure looks like if you've never seen one. That's a hub/keypad up top, with a key chain presence sensor, and two pieces of a "Nest Detect" sensor. Google
  • Nest Detect is a combo motion sensor and door monitor. Google
  • You can press a button on the Nest Detect to use a door without triggering the alarm. Google

Google and ADT have announced, "a long-term, strategic partnership" that will see Google invest $450 million in ADT and the two companies combine their smart home and home security lineup. Google says the two companies will work together to "create the next generation of the helpful home," while ADT says the deal "will combine Nest's award-winning hardware and services, powered by Google's machine-learning technology, with ADT's installation, service and professional monitoring." A site detailing the collaboration is up at

Google and ADT have both been working toward smart home security solutions over the years. Google is coming from the position of an Internet company moving into smart homes, while ADT is starting from an old-school home-security company that doesn't want to get run over by these smart home upstarts. By now, both have covered the same areas and have a ton of overlap. There are Google and ADT smartphone apps, smart displays, security cameras, smoke detectors, and, of course, home-security systems, with motion detectors, entryway sensors, keychain presence sensors, security keypads, and monthly subscriptions. (Google's security solution is the not-very-well-known Nest Secure).

Google doesn't have an in-house solution for professional remote monitoring, but Nest Secure worked with Brinks Home Security monitoring. ADT doesn't have an in-house solution for smart home automation like voice commands and smart speakers, but ADT devices worked with Z-Wave, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa devices.

Merging the Google and ADT product lines seems to mean Nest hardware with ADT monitoring and installation. ADT CEO Jim DeVries spoke to the Financial Times (paywalled) and categorized his company's hardware relationship with Google as "exclusive," meaning ADT will only sell Google devices in the future.

A big shoutout in both press releases is given to ADT's army of installers, which, for Google, will be one of the main business improvements. Smart home solutions, especially ones that want every door and window to be monitored, can involve purchasing and installing dozens of devices. TheRead More – Source

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