BEIJING • Chinese singer Lu Han has taken down his latest music video from the Internet due to accusations of plagiarism.

Lu, 30, released his new song Slow Motion and the accompanying music video last Friday.

However, fans of Yorushika said the video's storyboard was similar to that of the song So I Quit Music by the Japanese rock duo released in April last year.

On Sunday, Lu's studio released a statement on Weibo and acknowledged there were similarities.

It said it has taken down the video online as it has "zero tolerance" for plagiarism, even though the company producing the video denied the accusation.

Lu's studio said it had apologised to Yorushika, the company which produced their music video and friends who were concerned about the issue. It added that it would look for a new partner to redo the music video for Slow Motion and be more vigilant in future.

Lu was a former member of K-pop Read More – Source


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