• The Nubia Red Magic 5G. Nubia
  • Here's the wild "Cyber Neon" color, which is definitely not colored after the Nintendo Switch. Nubia
  • This version I'll call "Not Iron Man." Nubia
  • Here is the limited edition "Transparent" version. Supposedly you'll be able to see the fan spinning. Nubia
  • The boring black model. Nubia
  • Here's how the fan works. Air comes in the one side and goes out the other. Nubia
  • The fan looks to be your standard blower model. Nubia
  • Here you can get a good look at the air vents. The block button at the top is a shoulder button. Nubia
  • Here's what the display looks like. Nubia
  • On the top, there's a headphone jack! Nubia
  • Here's the only clear view of the bottom. Nubia

Chinese OEM Nubia (an offshoot of ZTE) has announced the latest in its line of gaming phones: the Nubia Red Magic 5G.

There are a couple niche brands out there that make "gaming" Android phones, but Nubia's Red Magic series is probably the gamer-i-est gaming phone thanks to the inclusion of an internal cooling fan. Yes, just like a laptop, the CPU in this phone is cooled by an actual, spinny fan that blasts heat out of the side ofRead More – Source

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