Former actress Lin Liyun, who acted alongside the likes of Huang Wenyong and Chen Tianwen in local television serials in the 1980s, died of pneumonia last Saturday, Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported.

She was 58.

Lin died a day after Dec 13, which is her and her husband's birthday as well as their wedding anniversary. The couple have three children.

She was diagnosed in 2010 with multiple system atrophy, a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. And she started using a wheelchair since 2014, she told Shin Min Daily News in an interview.

Lin was a familiar face in Channel 8 drama serials in the 1980s, memorably acting as a detective in drama serial CID 83 (1983) with Huang, who died after a six-month battle with lymphoma in 2013 at age 60.

Lin was one of the main characters, along with Chen and Li Wenhai, in The Young Heroes (1985), a show set in Republican China featuring warlords and soldiers.

She gradually faded from television screens after the 1980s, but reappeared in 2006 serial Family Matters, aRead More – Source


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