Other than play games and bond over a buffet lunch, cruise liner Sapphire Princess was filled with chatter and laughter on Dec 7 as more than 100 young guests on board were treated to a photography workshop.

After learning tips and tricks on operating a digital, single-lens, reflex camera, the shutterbugs aged six to 17 submitted 15 photographs to compete for prizes in a photography competition.

Five teams took part and the participants from charity organisation Club Rainbow bagged the top prize with their shots.

One of Club Rainbows winning shots for the photography competition.

“The group took three great shots of the various facilities at the Youth Centre while using what they had learnt — to focus on whats important — such as using the foreground and background to highlight the features of the subjects,” says Miss Emelia Klarissa, who was one of the judges.

The 20-year-old and other youth photographers mentored the teams during the photography workshop.

Youth photographers sharing tips and tricks during the photography workshop.

The participants were from SHINE Children and Youth Services, Club Rainbow, Childrens Outreach @ Childrens Society, Xin Yuan Community Care, Childrens Wishing Well and JYC @ Childrens Society.

“It was an eye-opening experience for our beneficiaries, as most of them never had the chance to be on a cruise ship,says Ms Joy Lim, director of Children Outreach @ Childrens Society. “We are thankful for this chance for the caregivers and children to form positive memories together and also for friendships and networks forged among them during this outing.”

Sharing the joy

Berthed at Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Dec 7 was the sixth time premium cruise line Princess Cruises kicked off its annual Singapore homeporting season with its yearly corporate social responsibility initiative for underprivileged children and their families.

Activities on that day included posing for a group photograph with Sapphire Princess Captain Paul Slight and a 30-minute tour of the ship.

Muhammad Amirul and his mother Rafeah Ibrahim enjoyed their time on board Sapphire Princess.

Singapore Childrens Society participant Muhammad Amirul, 14, says: “The outdoor swimming pool was fantastic! I had so much fun visiting the pool deck area. I also like the Youth Centre where we could play all kinds of games.

“I enjoyed watching the crew members and musicians perform at the atrium. Music is my favourite subject. Who knows, maybe one day I, too, can also be a musician and perform on board a cruise ship.”

Amiruls mother Rafeah Ibrahim adds: “Amirul had a great time taking part in the photo challenge. I was really happy to see him enjoy himself and interact with other children. His face really lit up as he watched the musicians perform as he loves music. We had aRead More – Source


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