He kissed and told, and actress Evelyn Choi is apparently not happy about it.

She is suspected to be the woman whom TVB artist Kelvin Kwan said he feared doing a kissing scene with some years back.

He was talking to Liza Wang in her variety show Liza's Online.

Kwan, 36, noted that the actress had eaten fast food before the cameras rolled.

He said he took time out to go to a convenience store nearby to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste, which he handed to her surreptitiously.

When the show's participants jested that he was trying to pull their legs with a fake story, Kwan insisted that he is a stickler for hygiene.

He pulled out a toothbrush set from his jacket to prove that he cleans up wherever he goes.

Wang asked for the actress' name and number of characters in her Chinese name.

But Lesley Chiang, part of the show's participants, told Kwan not to share the information.

Kwan went on to say that there are three characters and that one of them sounds like a food item.

The other people on the show, intrigued by Chiang's repeated reminders to Kwan not to spill the beans, then pointed excitedly to her and said "it's Lesley Chiang".

"No, it's not me," she protested.

Chiang means ginger.

Kwan ramped up the mystery further by saying that the show he was in involved Chiang too.

Chiang said that was the reason he must keep mum because the actress in that show is her friend.

Chiang added that she had heard Kwan relating his kissing experience to her brother after the shoot.

Nosey netizens soon dug up information from the past in a bid to unmask the mystery woman. They noted that Kwan and Chiang appeared in a 2015 show called Once Upon A Song.

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