SYDNEY • The woman had said in court in Sydney that she pleaded with the two men to let her go home.

But a defence lawyer on Thursday asked why she had not replied to text messages sent by her husband earlier that night in March last year.

Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang and producer Wang Jing, both 37, are accused of raping and assaulting her in a Sydney hotel room.

She had testified earlier in the week that she had turned up for dinner and singing in a karaoke club to celebrate the shooting of a drama series in Sydney. The woman, who cannot be named, was part of the production team.

She said she was later invited to go to Wang's room. She turned up, expecting other guests would be there too, but only Gao came later.

The two men, she added, then undressed her and had sex with her.

Her testimony that she was sexually targeted was challenged by the defence lawyers, reported The Daily Telegraph.

Asked why she ignored messages at 11pm from her husband who was at home looking after their daughter, she told the court: "When I'm at work, I don't reply sometimes."

Gao's lawyer said: "If your daughter is worried about you and wants to find out what time you're going to be hoRead More – Source


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