The calls were not from star-struck fans who gushed about their love and affection for their idol.

Instead, Lu Ting, part of Chinese girl group SNH48, was asked by the callers to repay a sum of money.

Lu, 26, recalling the phone exchanges on Oct 28 in a fan group's chatroom, said the callers mentioned a woman called "Lou" who had not repaid the loan.

Adding that she did not know how Lou had got hold of her number, Lu said she was fed up of being harassed and would report the matter to the police.

Lu also slammed the woman for causing her unnecessary trouble.

According to a report in Sina, Lou had bought Lu's number from hackers, curious over whether the singer would actually pick up any calls from an unknown number.

While it was confirmed that Lou had borrowed money, her parents had also helped her to settle the debt.

The confusion over non-payment arose when the lender did not update its records, which led to Lu being contacted repeatedly.

Lou, who was tracked down by fan-club members, admitted that she had made a mistake over how she handled her financial affairs, and vowed not to repeat it again.

According to ETtoday, Lou borrowed 3,000 yuan (S$579) and had turned over her phone to the company so that it could copy numbers from its address book.

Lu's number was on the list but Lou said she had not known that the singer would be harassed later.

Lou said she has now changed her number and that she no longer keeps celebrity numbers in her phone.

It is not known why Lu did not change her phone number to avoid the nuisance calls.

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