#PopVultures Ep 15: K-pop's dark side – suicides, sex scandals and corruption

25:22 mins

Synopsis: A podcast by The Straits Times that examines all the ins and outs of pop culture, be it Asian entertainment or Hollywood.

The tragic death of Sulli has once again shone a light on the ugly underbelly of K-pop. Beneath the glamorous billion-dollar industry, issues like cyberbullying, abuse and corruption run rampant, enveloping K-pop stars and South Korean entertainers.

PopVultures run through why the industry can be so toxic and discuss the case of Sulli and the incessant hate she faced from netizens, the suspicious circumstances surrounding Jang Ja-yeon's death and the abuse of power and cover-ups in the Burning Sun scandal involving Seungri and former YG Entertainment head honcho Yang Hyun-suk.
Finally, the #PopVultures give their take on what fans of K-pop can do moving forward and how to reconcile the ugliness of K-pop with the talent and joy it provides.

Produced by: Jan Lee & Yeo Sam Jo

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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