One would not have guessed from Simon Yam's latest photo that he was attacked and underwent two operations just two months ago.

The Hong Kong actor was stabbed in the abdomen and had his fingers slashed at a promotional event in Zhongshan city in southern China in July. He returned to work about three weeks after the assault to promote his new film Little Q, a story about a guide dog in which he plays a chef who is losing his eyesight.

On Sunday (Sept 22), the 64-year-old was up and running with his wife Qi Qi, as she posted a photo on Weibo and wrote that they went jogging together over the weekend. The 51-year-old model disclosed that she jogged for 6km, while Yam jogged for 10km.

Yam said after the attack in Zhongshan that he planned to cut his workload and spend more time with his family. The couple have


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