Liam Payne has revealed that he doesnt speak to some of the members of One Direction very much any more because theres no real reason for them to talk any more.

The 26-year-old singer revealed that while there is no bad blood between the band members, some of them have drifted apart during the hiatus.

Answering the Webs Most Searched Questions with Wired, Liam revealed that the One Direction reunion weve all been waiting for lies in the hands of the rest of the band.

He explained: At the moment we seem to just get asked all the time if we are getting back together. The truth is, I think its a matter of when at the moment.

Everyone is super comfortable doing their own thing and everyone is really happy doing their solo stuff, you know.

Im really enjoying this at the moment, Ive had great success at the moment and its just been really, really fun.



And its great to watch everybody else venturing out and doing their own thing so its more to do with where some other people in the bands heads are at with it to be honest with you.

Were still holding out hope for the reunion (Picture: Getty Images)

When asked whether he keeps in contact with Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, Liam said he does with most of them.

I keep in touch with most of them. I think other people just want their space and also we worked together for five years, he explained.

Liam Payne
Liam says he doesnt have a reason to speak to some of the One Direction boys now they dont work together (Picture: Getty Images)

For some of us, we didnt really have that much in common except for that we had a job together.

And now we dont have that job together any longer, theres not really any real reason for us to talk that often which is fine, thats just the way people are, really.

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Youre not going to get on… its not that I dont get along with anyone but youre not going to be best friends with everyone, thats just not the way life works unfortunately. I mean, watch this space, lets see what happens.



Well, our hearts are a little bit broken that theyre not besties like everyone haRead More – Source


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