• Those floating bodies? Yeah, they're everywhere. And sometimes they fight back.
  • Telekinesis may not be a real thing, but in Control, it's really fun.
  • When possessed enemies are defeated in Control, they explode in pretty satisfying fashion.
  • More oil-smear effects when enemies go kaboom. Though don't kid yourself; this game is rated M for a reason, primarily thanks to all the dead, scattered bodies around this Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) facility.
  • Jesse has important business to attend to as the newly appointed chief of the FBC.
  • Whenever players enter a new section of the FBC, a dramatic, all-caps logo announces it.
  • A better look at a similarly eerie, glowing-red hallway full of monsters.
  • The FBC's former director somehow talks telepathically to you.
  • Optional video sequences explain some of the FBC's studies and experiments.
  • Or you can watch them on old CRT TVs.
  • Ahti has a lot to say throughout the game. Very rarely does he make sense.
  • At least Jess acknowledges how weird he sounds.
  • This children's series about the effects of supernatural forces is darkly hilarious.
  • C is not for "cookie."
  • Some dramatic sequences end with Jesse removing the "Hiss" effects from everyday objects.
  • I'm always a fan of video game signage that takes fictional catastrophes really seriously.

At this point, we know Epic is committed to paying a lot of money for exclusive games to attract players to its Epic Games Store. Now, we seem to know how much it paid up front for at least one of those exclusives: €9.49 million (about $10.45 million at today's exchange rates).

The EGS exclusive in question is Remedy and 505 Games' supernatural shooter Control, and the number in question comes buried in an Italian earnings report from 505 Games parent company Digital Bros. (as noticed by analyst Daniel Ahmad). That figure is listed in two tables in the document, corresponding to total revenue from Control and total revenue from the Epic Games Store, both for the period ending June 30, 2019.

"Revenue come[s] from the computer version of Control," the report reads, according to a rouRead More – Source


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