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What dream would you create if you had the chance? (Picture: Sony)

Dreams isnt even out of early access yet, but Sony has got major hopes for the upcoming title.

Its helpful for developers to have a vision for the future when creating games, and Sony seems to have an extensive strategy in mind for sandbox title Dreams.

In an interview with PlayStation Asia, Sony President Shuhei Yoshida stated that Dreams is one of his favourite projects ever. He also revealed that the publisher has a massive 10-year plan in mind to oversee the evolution of of the game.

For those gamers trying out the title its taking time to get comfortable with the interface, which is exactly what Sony predicted. The game allows so much that its going to take time for people to get around to be able to create what they want, says Yoshida.

someone REMADE FF7 remake in dreams #MadeInDreams

— Figburn (@figburn) July 18, 2019



The developer behind dreams is LittleBigPlanet creator Media Molecule, who want to collaborate with small teams of gaming developers and use Dreams as the focal point for creations in the future.

The 10-year strategy was inspired by developers and artists already creating unique projects with Dreams, such as the Cyperpunk 2077 Demake, the E3 demo of Final Fantasy VII seen above, and a recreation of P.T. (which has sadly been taken down.) What other things can the community develop? The possibilities seem endless, at least from Sonys perspective.

According to Yoshida, all these projects have provided Sony with invaluable feedback, as they continue to improve Dreams and expand its potential as a game and as a development tool.

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Dreams is available for those who have creator early access on PlayStation 4. It was originally planned for full release this year but there isnt currently any official Read More – Source


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