Hollywood's remake obsession shows no signs of easing as another iconic movie is slated for a makeover.

Hong Kong director John Woo's 1997 hit Face/Off, which starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, is the next film to get a facelift.

According to entertainment news website Deadline, the movie will be rebooted by film studio Paramount Pictures with a new cast.

The original film tells the story of Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Sean Archer (Travolta), who exchanges his face with that of terrorist Castor Troy (Cage) in order to extract information on a bomb's location from Troy's jailed paranoid brother Pollux (Alessandro Nivola).

Things get complicated when Troy wakes up from his coma, takes over Archer's saline-preserved face and kills everyone involved in the secret operation.

Face/Off grossed more than US$245 million worldwide and made Woo one of the first Asian directors with a mainstream commercial base in the United States.

His two previous films in Hollywood, Hard Target (1993), starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Broken Arrow (1996), starring Travolta and Christian Slater, achieved modest success.

Deadline says the new Face/Off film will be written by Oren Uziel, w


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