Blazing Chrome is an exemplary run n gun shooter. Ive spent around 10 hours on this throwback treat, so far, and it has lived up to all the hopes and commendation, and then some. Its a pure joy to play.

Everything from its pixel art, music, and sound effects, to its controls, challenge, weapon systems, enemy and boss design/variety, and level design is exquisite and near perfectly judged as far as Im concerned. The reverence for the games inspirations is almost palpable at times – theres a precision and faithfulness in Blazing Chromes classical execution that I find rather majestic.

If you have a fondness for the Contras, Metal Slugs, Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, even the Mega Man and Space Harrier series, or just great retro experiences in general, then JoyMashers masterful effort is an essential purchase.

Additionally, I admire the little details that increase the games replay value, like the unlockable characters and difficulty, mirror and boss rush modes, online scoreboard, and the much appreciated CRT filters for that extra retro visual authenticity.

Whats more, the fact that Blazing Chrome was the work of mainly just two people is a prodigious feat. I think it may also be the first Brazilian developed game Id ever played.

Random: I like to imagine the video game industry would be a much more culturally enriched/interesting field with more developers outside of Europe, North America, Canada, South Korea, and Japan making games.
Galvanized Gamer
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