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Borderlands 3 – dont expect a flood of reviews today

2K and Gearbox blame security concerns for not sending out review copies of Borderlands 3 to UK press, as the first US reviews appear.

Today is the review embargo for the eagerly awaited Borderlands 3, except you wont be reading a review here or probably any UK site today.

Weve been told by 2K that no advanced copies have been sent out to UK press and while we havent checked with everyone VG247 are already complaining about the same treatment.

Everyone seems to have been told the same thing too, that security issues have convinced 2K not to send review copies out early.

Whether their concern is that journalists will spoil secrets or somehow try to pirate the game is unclear, although either option is at least mildly insulting.

Especially given how many leaks there have been from influencers in the lead up to release and the fact that 2K/Gearbox managed to leak their own trailer this morning.



But then there was the time 2K sent private investigators round to hassle a YouTuber who was giving away secrets he discovered via a Twitch security exploit, so clearly its a fraught subject for them.

The end result is that a small number of US and European PC reviews are likely to be the only ones this week. Depending on when exactly review copies are sent out to everyone else, we might be able to do ours before the end of the week but more likely it wont be till next week.

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Current Metacritic score: 84 (PC)

XGN – 9.5/10
HobbyConsolas – 94%
Destructoid – 9/10
Shacknews – 9/10
IGN – 9/10
Forbes – 9/10
Vandal – 9/10
Power Unlimited – 88%
Game Informer – 8/10
GameSpot – 8/10
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