I dont think Ive ever played a real-time strategy game, unless something like Cannon Fodder counts, but my favourite turn-based ones are XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Into The Breach.

Enemy Unknown was the first XCOM (or any game of its type) Id played but it was an extremely enthusiastic and convincing preview you put out in 2012 that got me on board and your very positive review sealed the deal.

For the first few playthroughs, I enjoyed it a lot but it wasnt until I returned over two years later to get all the Achievements that I realised it was one of my favourite ever games. In late 2014 I played nothing else for three months straight.

Ive played and loved XCOM 2 but have yet to give it the same dedication. I hope I end up feeling the same about it when I go back but Enemy Unknown just felt – Im not sure if simpler is the word; maybe more distilled.

One thing the series gets so right is how to break up the tactical missions to prevent them from feeling monotonous. The meta game that achieves this is one of the great delights of gaming, instilling an incredible sense of wellbeing and empowerment when things are going well and of panic when theyre not.

Its a key element missing from a lot of similar turn-based games, including Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (to which Id give a special mention but it really did need a higher level objectives system) and Fire Emblem (I only ever managed a few hours of Awakening but felt it was a bit too dry and slow in comparison).

Ive typically gone on long enough but just a quick mention of Into The Breach, which is so perfectly suited to the Switch that it almost single-handedly consumed my entire Christmas holiday last year. I imagine (but cant personally confirm) its similar to Advance Wars but thats another one I never played. Again, it waRead More – Source


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