I downloaded a demo for Kill La Kill: IF for PlayStation 4 over the weekend. Its by Arc System Works, so it was guaranteed to play well. And… it does.

To say that it is extremely weird would be the understatement to understate all other understatements. Its based on an existing anime where school kids wear alien uniforms that give them special powers. Im sure you can see where this is headed.

The two lead characters are of course sixteen-year-old ladies whose uniforms transform during combat to be much more revealing. My reaction was genuinely: Oh my God! What is she not wearing?! Seriously, I hope its very warm in Tokyo Bay or these girls will catch their death of cold. Damn, when did I become my mother?

I mean, Im a sordid and dirty man – I can admit it – I like a skimpy outfit. But if it were live action, it would be porn. They might as well be naked. Because its only anime magic that keeps us from seeing everything. Oh yes. Everything.

I dont expect a review from you chaps unless its really, really quiet – but like I said, it does play fine. Its an arena fighter, which I wasnt familiar with until I played the Pokkén Tournament demo so theres an emphasis on ranged combat as well. It feels very odd. Its asking for £50 right now and I doubt its substantive enough to justify that.

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