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GTA Online - how long did you play it for?

GTA Online – how long did you play it for?

The Evening Inbox is split on whether a Sega Saturn Mini console is a good idea, as one reader has a dirty suggestion for Joy-Con drift.

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It never ends

Cant believe how long its been since GTA V first came out so its crazy to think theyve been keeping the casino back all this time. Normally Id expect to see comments about does anyone still play the game? And who cares? But I dont think Ive ever seen a top 10 where GTA V isnt in there, and thats over the course of six years!

So obviously people do play it, but Im curious as to whether thats a constant flow of new people or if there are some people that have been playing GTA Online non-stop since it started? Im always fascinated by that sort of dedication, not just because it seems so alien to me (Id rather play something new as often as possible) but because Im interested to see how companies keep peoples interest.

At this rate I dont see GTA Online ever slowing down, not given how big this update seems to be, and I think now the only question is whether they port GTA V to the PlayStation 5 or if they finally get round to GTA VI. If I was a betting man Id say theyll just go with an enhanced port.

On the podium

I guess I could see how The Division 2 would be the biggest game of the year so far, but I think thats more an illustration of how slim the release schedules are for the first half of the year compared to the second. Most of the other big games were either exclusives or fairly niche so I guess The Division 2 wins by default. I certainly dont know anyone that plays it though and until that single-player rumour I had forgotten it even exists.

I guess the obvious answer as to what will be the biggest will be FIFA or Call Of Duty but I think Borderlands 3 is also in the running, or will at least certainly round out the top three. The hype for that seems to be huge, plus its a known quantity so people are going to be confident about buying it before seeing reviews, etc.

I know its disappointing to sum that it hasnt really changed from the last ones but I think thats exactly why it, and other popular games, sell so much.

All-in-one solution

In response to Snoops letter in Thursday mornings Inbox. A couple of weeks ago on YouTube I chanced upon footage of a product dubbed the Polymega that looks highly ambitious.

Its a system that its creators claim uses custom BIOS/emulators that provide a high degree of accuracy when replicating the console in question. Or rather consoles in question, as the base unit has a disc drive and on its own apparently emulates a multitude of CD-based systems including the PS1 and Saturn and an awful lot of previews of the system seemed to concentrate on the latter. The system also allows for add-on modules to be purchased separately for a number of cartridge-based systems such as the Mega Drive, NES, SNES and so forth.

One of the features touted is the ability to back up the original game discs and cartridges to the hard drive and play the title from HDD to reduce wear and tear on said discs/carts. The interface looks slick and shows off very official looking artwork for each game. It seemingly looks to be a quality piece of kit that would eliminate the need for a bunch of individual mini SNES/Mega Drive/PC Engine style consoles vying for HDMI inputs under a TV.

But what I find most intriguing is the suggestion that the creators are speaking with a number of games companies to allow you to buy a digital copy of many retro titles for a few dollars each from presumably a Polymega branded version of Steam or PSN and its the latter thats got me interested.
Meestah Bull
PS: There now appears to be a lightgun peripheral that they claim can work on an HDTV!



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Together at last

I dont know if anyone has suggested this before but with the rumours that Zelda is going to be playable in Breath Of The Wild 2, given how prominent she was in the trailer (and how rubbish she was in the original game) but maybe the sequel will actually be co-op?

Zelda has had multiplayer games before but theyve usually focused on more than two people and been more like novelties. What if Breath Of The Wild 2 had more story-focused co-op and allowed you both to explore and play at the same time?

Maybe theyd have to make it so you both cant be too far away from each other but Id like to see them try and with the two characters they have the perfect excuse.

Planetary disaster

RE: Snoops. Sorry pal, but I completely disagree with just the mention of a Mini Sega Saturn console. I remember back in the day when I paid £400 for one on its first day of release and was always green with envy of my other friends owning the original PlayStation. Now if you wrote in about the hopes of a mini Sega Dreamcast that would be a complete different story Id be asking where/when do you want me to sign up!

For me personally Im just waiting for the release of the new Capcom home console to be released this coming October. The list of the 16 games on offer are my kind of games that I enjoy playing and also the cherry on the cake is that I also like the idea of the actual console having the original Sanwa joysticks and OBSF buttons for durability and precision!

Mega Drive too

Snoops email about a mini Saturn is on the money, Id definitely buy one, as would a great deal of other people whod be curious having missed it the first time.

While making it work would be more technically demanding than the PS1 mini was, Sega have a distinct advantage in that they own most of the Saturns top games such as Panzer Saga, Sega Rally, Vitua Fighter 2, and Burning Rangers, to name a few. This would mean that they can make something that would be better received than the PS1 mini.

Couple this with their partnership with the incredible M2 (whove done the Mega Drive Minis emulation and OS) and it seems to be really doable.

My guess is that it wont happen just yet as theres still a great deal to mine from the Mega Drives back catalogue, including both Mega CD and 32X titles like Sonic CD, Shining Force CD, Snatcher, and Knuckles Chaotix which has never been re-released.

Pro solution

Thought Id add my weight behind the Joy-Con drift issue. My Switch was one of the launch units and by October the same year one of the Joy-Cons was drifting. Shortly after I purchased a Pro Controller and havent had to use my Joy-Cons enough since to notice if its still happening.

Obviously, there is an issue here. Theres far too many people experiencing faulty hardware. Its put me off buying another pair until Ive heard that the issue has been fixed. That being said, the Pro Controller is really fantastic and I urge any Switch owners who dont have one to invest.



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